We offer Aerial Photography (AKA Drone Photography) and Aerial Video production services in the DFW area. The images and video taken from the altitude of up to 400ft provide a unique perspective and makes every presentation more attractive.

*Aerial Photography Services may not be available in certain locations (Restricted Airspace, privacy restrictions etc.).

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How will you benefit from having us capture Aerial Photos and Aerial Video for you?

Our Aerial Photography and Aerial Video service is operated by FAA certified Drone pilots.

There are countless applications where Drone Photography and Drone Video can be used.

REAL ESTATE: Property listing presentation
GOOGLE STREET VIEW: Business location aerial photos
BUSINESS SHOWCASE: Product showcase aerial photos and videos
CONSTRUCTION: construction records aerial photos and videos
MARKETING: Aerial photos and Aerial Video are perfect for marketing on Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.)

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To book our Aerial Photography or Aerial Video service all you need is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Let us know the purpose for Drone Photography (e.g. Real Estate, Construction, Survey etc.)
  2. Provide Address of the desired filming location where you want us to capture Aerial Photos / Video
  3. Sign Service Agreement & Schedule Filming


Aerial Photography and Aerial Video service is subject to FAA Laws and Regulations.

There are several factors that affect drone operations.

1. Weather.

Drone operations are weather dependent. (High Winds, Rain, Fog etc.)

2. Altitude.

Per FAA regulations the maximum allowable altitude is 400 feet above the ground.

3. Airspace Restrictions.

Per FAA regulations there are many types of airspace restrictions in the United States. Below is a list of restrictions that commonly affect DRONE flights, including:

Stadiums and Sporting Events
Near Airports (5-mile radius around Airport)
Security Sensitive Airspace Restrictions
Restricted or Special Use Airspace


We are ready to provide Aerial Photography and Aerial Video service for you.

In order to schedule the Aerial Photography service in Dallas-Fort Worth we need to ensure the following:

1. Weather.

Make sure to schedule the Aerial Photography or Aerial Video service on a days with acceptable weather conditions.

2. Altitude.

The images will be taken at altitude up to 400 feet above the ground.

3. Airspace Restrictions.

When you provide us with the address of the desired filming location, we will check the FAA airspace map to identify if it is in Restricted Airspace. Once the we determine that your location does not have Airspace Restrictions – WE ARE GOOD TO GO!

You can check the Airspace map below to get the idea about the restricted airspace.

FAA AIR MAP Showing the Restricted Airspace in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.


It is possible to obtain permission to fly the Drone in Restricted Airspace. Depending on the particular area in some cases FAA Authorization is granted instantly however not guaranteed. FAA Authorization could take up to 90 days or be denied.

As a responsible FAA certified Drone pilots we will not be able to provide Aerial Photography and Aerial Video service in the FAA restricted airspace without an Official Authorization.

View High Resolution FAA Air Map in PDF (Click Here)

View High Resolution FAA Air Map on website (Click Here)

Aerial Photography for Real Estate in Dallas-Fort Worth

Drone Photography became a must have option when it comes to Real Estate in DFW. When agents list the property on MLS and have standard photos and aerial photos it makes property listing much more attractive. Nothing can beat the bird eye view of the property where you can see the surroundings and the entire property in one photo.

Take advantage of our Aerial Photography service for Real Estate. Dallas-Fort Worth Aerial Photography Packages starting from $149 per location.


AERIAL VIDEO ONLY – $199 per 1 min