Submit your request for Aerial Photography Service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

NOTE! Aerial Photography Services may not be available in certain locations (Restricted Airspace, privacy restrictions etc.). In case your desired location is in Restricted Airspace, FAA Authorization will be required. FAA Authorization is not guaranteed. FAA Authorization could take up to 90 days or be denied. As a responsible FAA certified Drone pilots we will not be able to provide Aerial Photography and Aerial Video service in the FAA Restricted Airspace without FAA Authorization.

Aerial Photography Services are subject to availability of our drone pilots and photographers on the desired date and may be subject to additional costs or terms or to payment of minimum applicable fees.

NOTE! Aerial Photography Services are not available when one of the following weather condition is present:  Strong Winds, Rain, Fog, Dust or Smoke pollution present in the air. 

Make sure to schedule the Aerial Photography or Aerial Video service on a days with acceptable weather conditions.


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